Russian Propaganda

December 18, 2016

Today's New York Times has a lead article on one of the websites that spread false stories during the campaign. The site they cover is called The Patriot News Agency. In the article they point to a link in the site to VKontakte, the Russia Facebook.

The Patriot News Agency was one of the sources linking Clinton to satanic activity.

I spent some time this morning looking at Patriot New Agency. I see clear pro-Russian news coverage.

One of the pieces on the site reveals that the hack of the DNC was actually done by the National Security Agency because the agency did not believe Clinton could be trusted to handle classified information. They cite Fox News as the source of this revelation. Have copied it below.

Have to admit I was late to see the extent of Russian efforts to impact opinion in the United States. The only reason I can give is that they were so clumsy during the Cold War, and I did not see how they had evolved.


Back in August, Judge Napolitano made some comments regarding the DNC hack.

On his show “Judge Napolitano’s Chambers”, Judge Nap shared his own thoughts on the leaked DNC emails:

The DNC and Clinton campaign decided to blame of all people, the Russians! They accused Vlademir Putin of being in cahoots with Donald Trump and having his intelligence services hack the DNC to expose e-mails to make Mrs. Clinton look bad and thereby benefit Donald Trump. But the Russians had nothing to do with it.

….a former high ranking NSA official who developed a software that the NSA now uses said the NSA hacked the DNC…the members of the intelligence community simply do not want Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States because she doesn’t know how to handle State secrets.

The left has been beating this ‘Russian drum’ for several months now. Russian hacking is one of the many false narratives that the left has been pushing in order to deny President Elect Trump his fully earned legitimacy.

In order to keep the Marxist agenda alive, the left must continue to foment civil unrest and division. The leftists need to get used to the new Republican party because the days of capitulating are over.

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