New Relationship with Russia

This morning's Sputnik (14 December 2016) struck a cord with me.  In a piece I sent around, there was discussing of a new "reset."  The thrust was that the United States had to do some things that would make this possible.  It had the same one-sided view that we have heard from the future Trump Administration.


I've a working list of in-going positions I think the new Administration should adopt.  I hope it would force a discussion that would go beyond the level that we just want to have things better.  What do we need for Russia to do to make a new relationship possible?


Remove Russian Military from Crimea and Support for the Fighting in Eastern Ukraine.  This is what the sanctions are about.  It must be a first step in any reset.


Cease Cyber Interference in the United States and NATO.  This is a must for improved relations with Russia.  Failure to do this will undermine the future and force retaliation against Russia by the United States.


Iskander Missiles must be removed from Kaliningrad.  The additional threat to NATO is not particularly significant, but the symbol is important just as it was important for the Russians to move them there recently.


Cancel Zapad 2017.  From all indications, this September exercise will be the largest "west" effort since the end of the Cld War and involve moving large number of troops into Belarus.  This would not be helpful for an improving relationship.


Stop Attacking the Rebels in Syria.  Russian forces have mostly targeted Syrian rebels.  This must stop, and the forces there should be focused on ISIS.


Stop Providing Air Defense Missiles and Support to Iran.  The S-300 is a threat to Israel and provides a degree of destabilization we would want to eliminate from the region.


Do Not Provide Air Defense Assets to Serbia.  What appears to be unfolding is an air defense integration between Russian and Serbia.  This is unacceptable.